The Renewable Joule
Electronics for Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation


The Renewable Joule is a Research Oriented, Electronics Design firm. We are focussed on Conceptualising & Creating Products that will harness & use Renewable Energy in the most efficient manner.

At RJ we work towards Creating and Perfecting Simple, Efficient and Cost-effective Products for use with Solar, Wind & other forms of Renewable Energy.

Solar LED Street Light - We have prototyped a LED based Solar Street Light. This is a cost effective light which will cater to small streets and internal roads.

Solar Home Lighting - Using LEDs to provide efficient lighting, this system will cater to remote houses, barns and yards. These is an option to use auto on/off or to use these in conjunction with a switch.

Most of our products are for Off-Grid use. LED lights can be used in Farms, Out houses, municipal parks, Boats & Caravans.

Our Product Philosophy is:
# Make the most efficient use of Renewable Energy.
# Design Simple Products that are robust and easy to maintain.

On this website you will find details of our products and contact information.

# 305, Kamat Towers, Patto Plaza, Panaji, Goa - 403001 INDIA
Fax: +91-832-2431048